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Chemical industry

GBS is the specialist for all mechanical installations in the chemical industry

GBS in chemical industry


GBS has been the preferred partner for the chemical industry for years, with our branches located close to Moerdijk, Botlek & Pernis, we can act quickly as soon as a problem arises.


GBS is a full-service provider of machining and engineering activities; from design to execution. In addition to the implementation of your project, we think along and challenge you when we think things can be done differently, better or faster.


GBS is brand-independent and we have experience with almost all brands regarding gearboxes, pumps, compressors etc.



For the chemical industry, we specialize in all rotating equipment.

You can think of the following components:

- Gearboxes (repair, overhaul & (dis) assembly)

- Integrally geared compressors (repair, overhaul & (dis) assembly)

- Pumps (repair, overhaul & (dis) assembly)

- Compressors (repair, overhaul & (dis) assembly)

- Foundation (repairs)

- Impellers ( incl. Hirth teeth )


For other options, please contact one of our sales engineers.



In chemistry, both reduction and high-speed gearboxes are used and both require a specific approach to optimization.


For example, high-speed gearboxes generally have (low-maintenance) plain bearings and special high-pressure oil supply, whereas reduction gearboxes are equipped with roller bearings and circulation / low-pressure oil lubrication.


GBS has expertise in both types and can be of service with inspections, repair in the workshop and (dis) assembly.



In some situations, your installation needs to be adapted to comply with new laws and regulations.


GBS engineers regularly participate in knowledge events to keep abreast of the latest developments and legislation and regulations.


Knowledge of technology, in combination with knowledge of laws and regulations, means that they can support you in modifying your installations to the latest standards.


They can also advise whether it is sensible to modify an installation for technical and economic reasons.



Let our Sales Engineer advise you

Please contact Simon Lems; with his practical experience in technology and his goal-oriented attitude, he is the right man for your project.

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