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Construction and steel overhaul

From design to construction

About construction and steel overhaul

The construction chain consists of different processes; GBS mainly focuses on the design and manufacturing phase of construction work. A project starts with a design that is translated into a construction drawing. This is the phase in which GBS's engineering department has further specialized in recent years. Construction is a broad concept, GBS is particularly active in the following branches in the field of construction work:

  • Bridges, locks and construction (Civil)

  • Infra

  • Offshore

  • Maritime

  • Industry

GBS can support in the engineering phase, after which the project can be processed and manufactured entirely in-house according to the construction drawing.


In addition to new construction, GBS regularly supports the re-engineering or overhaul of existing structures.

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Why GBS for your construction and steel overhaul?

GBS has experience in various branches.

In addition to manufacturing, GBS is also being able to think along in the field of engineering.

GBS assures accuracy in its overhauls, which is essential, especially in construction work and its strict specifications.

Desired offtakes are possible (5D measured, work protocols, etc.)

GBS has a large crane capacity and water transportation are possible.

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