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High speed gearboxes

When the combination of speed and extreme precision matters 

About high speed gearboxes

GBS has focused and specialized in the mechanical maintenance of high speed rotating equipment over the past decades. This is a collective name for:

  • Steam turbines

  • Gas turbines

  • High speed ​​gearboxes

  • Rotary machines

Accuracy is very important with high speed gearboxes. In some cases it is not possible for the OEM to provide service / supply spare parts immediately. If renewal is not interesting from a cost perspective, an overhaul of your high speed rotating equipment has great advantages.

GBS can machine or manufacture new parts for you, that are subject to wear and tear. Consider the following parts or operations:

  • Machining discs

  • Machining rotor blades

  • Balancing, for example, motor anchors or shafts with impellers.

  • Machining seals

  • Machine cabinet housing

  • Machining apertures

  • Manufacture or re-engineer complete high speed gearboxes.

In addition, GBS has partners who are specialized in removal, (dis)assembly, installation, start-up and commissioning. GBS has been working with these partners for several years, which means that communication and production are efficiently coordinated.

GBS has the knowledge and skills to assess the technical condition of critical parts of high speed gearboxes.

GBS can provide you with a clear inspection report based on the results. This inspection report is always followed up with recommendations, in which interests and possibilities are weighed up and everything becomes manageable and understandable for you as a customer.

GBS overhauls virtually any brand of high speed gearbox.

GBS has its own engineering department to reverse engineer high speed gearbox parts and produce them from there.

Why GBS for your high speed gearbox?


Let a sales engineer with experince in gears assist you

With more than a decade of experience in gear grinding, Wolter has everything it takes to think along with you in a service-oriented manner to find the best solution for your challenge.

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