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A rich history dating back to 1936

The South Holland Motor Overhaul was founded in 1936 as a collaboration of smaller overhaul companies throughout the Netherlands. At one point they all went on for themselves. In 1981, the Zuid-Hollandse Motorenrevisie was declared bankrupt, and subsequently restarted under the name MRC Techniek Rotterdam. In addition to engine overhaul, the company started to focus on machine work for the first time this year. Although this was done separately during the first 20 years at two locations in Rotterdam, the opportunity arose in 2000 to move into the current building, on the Damen site. A factory-building on the harbor, in the center of the industry, where ships come in on a daily basis for maintenance and work. It turned out to be a strategic choice. That is why both locations were eventually merged in this building.


In addition to engine overhaul, MRC Techniek Rotterdam was from that moment also a machine factory. In 2006 we took over a shipyard from Vlissingen, which moved to the Damen site a year later. From that moment on we were a machine factory with machining options up to dimensions of more than 4 meters.



In 2019, the then MRC Techniek Rotterdam went bankrupt and the company integrated within GBS International. More than 90% of the staff were retained, as well as all machines and the location on the Damen site. Due to the specialization in machining, the name of MRC Techniek Rotterdam changed into GBS Machining Services. In addition to the investments in the renovation of the building , we also created more diversity among the staff.

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