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With more than 20 boring mills GBS always has a solution for your challenge

Why work with GBS for boring your workpieces?

GBS possesses long angled heads that can drill 1 meter deep

The boring mills can be extended by means of your ram and cutter shaft. Thus, boring workpieces with up to 2 meters depth is possible. Hard-to-reach places become accessible areas for precision machining.

GBS accessible areas for precision machining.

GBS has experience with products that are oval-drawn during annealing or due to other circumstances. GBS can measure / determine ovality and in many cases solve it.

GBS can bore bushings out of workpieces, shrink a new bush into it and then finish it. GBS does this for a large number of customers in the maritime industry.


About boring

Boring is an operation to repair a hole in a metal object. The hole may be damaged, deformed or worn. Unlike turning, the object stands still and the tool moves.

  1. Boring
    This regular boring technic is used to make holes deeper while maintaining the same diameter.


  2. Flattening
    The flattening technique is used to make holes larger in diameter by making the bit larger and larger circles and working to the correct size.

Boring mills of GBS

View our list of all boring mills within GBS Machining Services.


Let our Sales Engineer advise you

Please contact Simon Lems; with his practical experience in technology and his goal-oriented attitude, he is the right man for your project.

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