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Both modification, new construction and re-engineering

Our specialties in engineering

Engineering new constructions

GBS has a team that is fully committed to product development for our customers. In this way we can work from concept to a full 3D CAD drawing in collaboration with you. Once the product is on the drawing, we can produce a prototype for you.


In some situations, your installation must be adapted in such a way that it complies with new laws and regulations. GBS engineers regularly participate in knowledge events to keep abreast of the latest developments and legislation and regulations.


Knowledge of technology, in combination with knowledge of laws and regulations, means that they can support you in modifying your installations to the latest standards. They can also advise whether it is sensible for technical and economic reasons to modify an installation.


Re-engineering; the reconstruction of workpieces of which no or few technical specifications remain. With GBS, workpieces are fully measured in 3D, the material type is determined, and eventually the surface treatment is analyzed and put on CAD drawing. Your workpiece will be reproducible again, if, for example, revision is no longer viable.

Our engineering department can help you with this. They already have 30 years of experience with (3D) measuring, analyzing and drawing detailed drawings of parts such as gearboxes, thrusters, production machines for the food or paper industry and much more. They deliver reliable quality, making parts reproducible.

About engineering

In practice, we regularly see that our customers want to reproduce a workpiece because revision is no longer interesting or because (spare) parts have to be made.


If there are no drawings of this, it is important to draw the existing parts as accurately as possible to ensure correct reproduction of the workpiece.

























In addition, changing laws and regulations can prevent an installation or workpiece no longer meeting environmental requirements, for example. However, there are many reasons not to immediately replace an installation. Modification can then be a solution.


You may also want to develop a product, but want support to convert this technically into a correct design (CAD Drawing).


Every issue a new challenge

Our Sales Engineer Simon is glad to help you with any question about engineering.

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