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Why let GBS advise you on the material treatment of your workpiece

GBS has over 40 years of experience in treating materials and surfaces. This means that our employees have the knowledge required to advise you on which material treatment best suits your workpiece and its function.

GBS has several engineers who specialize in material treatments.

GBS can provide most treatments in our workshop. For other treatments GBS has a network of partners to always guarantee the right price-quality ratio.

GBS has several reference projects in which complex issues concerning the handling of the material have been solved.

Why material treatment for your workpieces?

There are many reasons to have material treated:

  • Wear resistance of a workpiece

  • Corrosion resistance

  • Increasing tensile strength and other mechanical values

  • Durability

  • Improve temperature resistance

  • Improve sliding and running properties

Types of material treatments

View the most common treatments and their benefits.

Let GBS advise you on the material treatment technique for your project

Due to the amount of surface treatment techniques, it is sometimes difficult to determine which is most suitable. For example, hardening may seem like a suitable technique to increase the wear resistance of an object, but what if the toughness in the core of the material has to remain the same to avoid breaking or stress? In this case nitriding is a sensible option. Whether you have a lot or little knowledge of material and its treatment techniques; our experience shows that it is always wise to consult with each other and especially to look at the function of a workpiece and the associated risks.

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Material treatment

Ensure the correct treatment for your workpieces


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