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Ship thrusters

Your partner in the overhaul and repair of your ship thruster

GBS Machining Services has extensive experience in the repair of a large number of (types of) ship thrusters.

Ship thruster repair challenges

  • Class authorities require you to periodically inspect your thruster. Most parts are subject to wear and tear depending on use and must then be repaired or replaced.

  • OEMs often have long waiting times for service or parts. This can be inconvenient, especially if certain maintenance cannot be foreseen or if there is an unexpected docking and not everything can be planned in advance.

  • Intermediate parties are flexible, but often need a lot of time to find the correct data from a Thruster to repair it. GBS offers Best of both worlds

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Why GBS for your ship thruster?

GBS has the flexibility of a medium-sized organization, but also the knowledge and expertise of OEMs through close cooperation. As a result, repairs can be carried out correctly, but also quickly and efficiently.

GBS has the machinery and human expertise to repair ship thrusters of all sizes.

GBS understands that the ship thruster is critical to your vessel and must be repaired as soon as possible. With the ability to work in 24/7 shifts, no time will be lost and you will soon be back up and running.

GBS Can fully take care of the disassembly and assembly of your ship thruster in our own workshop.

GBS can give you excellent advice on economic viability, and thus whether your choice should be to repair parts or to manufacture new parts.

During repair, GBS can pre-machine a new layer of material by using Lasercladding technology and finishing to get the part of your ship thruster back to the correct dimensions.

If laser cladding is no longer feasible due to excessive wear / deviation from the dimensions, GBS can re-engineer the part and machine it again. Since GBS has its own engineering department, this prevents you and GBS from being dependent on third parties and thus we guarantees absolute top speed.

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