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On-Site Services & Machining

GBS provides fast and professional on-site services and machining

About GBS On-Site Services & Machining

Unfortunately, not every form of maintenance can be planned and you will sometimes have to deal with unforeseen circumstances. These can result in significant downtime, with all the associated costs. There can be several reasons why On-Site services & machining are a good solution.


For example, docking can be extremely time and cost intensive, especially if it is unplanned. If the problem can then be solved on-site, this offers great advantages, and it often happens that a construction or design cannot help it.

How can GBS help you when On-Site Service is required?


Measure and inspect

GBS can perform On-Site measurements on, for example, a gearbox. In this way, the cause of a problem can be found without having to disassemble the entire tool and transport it. This prevents the risks that disassembly and transport entail for vulnerable parts.



Laser cladding is often used to modify or repair critical parts. These are parts that are often exposed to abrasive and corrosive environmental factors. These parts are often part of complex fixed installations. The downtime to disassemble these installations is an economically very disadvantageous situation. On-Site Laser Cladding is the perfect solution at that time. GBS has an On-Site laser cladding installation to service these critical parts and reduce downtime.


Machining (boring, milling and grinding)

This includes piping, but also damaged gaskets due to, for example, loose vibrating bolts. GBS can quickly clean up the gasket surfaces by boring On-Site.


Knowledge and experience

De On-Site service engineers hebben meer dan 15 jaar ervaringen met zowel grote als kleine klussen, ze zijn  daadkrachtig; kunnen inspecties uitvoeren en in veel gevallen het probleem op locatie verhelpen.

De combinatie van analyse, lasercladden, machining en kennis maken dat GBS On-Site een sterke partner voor is, wat kan resulteren in minder downtime en minder kosten voor vervanging van onderdelen en logistieke bewegingen.

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