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When precision is a requirement, let GBS do the grinding

How can GBS help you with grinding your objects?

Next to smooth grinding, GBS can grind cylindrical as well. Furthermore, internal grinding and external grinding are all possible in our workshop. 

Technicians of GBS have 20 years of experience in grinding. With our grinding machines,  they can achieve an extremely high accuracy for your object.

GBS can grind crankshafts up to 9 meters long.

GBS can also hone or super finish your object for an extra smooth result.

GBS grinds the radius as well.

About grinding

Grinding an object often happens for several reasons. This guarantees higher accuracy, and because the surface is less rough, you have a better finish. In addition, we guarantee the same finishing over the entire surface by cleaning up the contact surfaces.

At GBS we adapt different ways of grinding products, depending on the type of challenge you have:

  • Surface grinding; after hardening it is often necessary to grind objects flat / smooth again to ensure accuracy. Depending on the hardness (HRC) it can be difficult to grind certain material flat / smooth well.

  • Cylindrical grinding; (CNC) Rotation symmetrical grinding of round objects (both internal and external).

Grinding machines from GBS

View our list of all grinding machines within GBS Machining Services.


Let a consultant with experience in gears help you

With more than a decade of experience in gear production and gear grinding, Wolter has everything it takes to think along with you in a service-oriented manner to find the best solution for your challenge.

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