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All types of gears

About gears

There are many different types of gears; all with their own benefits and functions. Gears and the associated teeth is a separate business unit within GBS, because it requires extra attention due to the complexity and the many differences. This business unit is supported by the engineering department; which, in addition to straight, bevel, helical, internal and external gearing, is also specialized in gearing for right angle transmission, such as occurs with bevel gears. In order to convert engineering into a concrete program, we have various tools (step file to program) and a mathematician with 20 years of experience in gears. The most accurate programs are written to make your teeth new or to bring them back to optimal condition.


Our latest new activity is curvic plate coupling. This toothing ensures a very solid and accurate connection between shaft and impeller, for example. Due to the high accuracy, a clearance-free and very strong connection is possible. The teeth can be machined according to the usual standard but also off-standard is not a problem.

The advantages of GBS

GBS has experience in making all kinds of corrections; think of top corrections, root corrections, longitudinal corrections and chamfers.

GBS has specialized in grinding gears, which means that a higher accuracy can be achieved than with milling gears. GBS can grind teeth up to Class 3 accuracy.

GBS has multiple MAAG measurement set-ups to create blueprints from gear sets.

GBS can machine gears in objects with a diameter up to 4000 mm.

GBS has more than 20 experience with complex types of gears, such as: V-gears, planetary gears, curvic plate coupling, Panama wheels, internal gears, spline gears and crown gears.

GBS does more than just execution; we can advise you on the type of correction for your gears and so, to get your installation in optimal condition.

GBS understands that gears with complex types of teeth are often single pieces and speed is crucial during the repair process. Drawings are also rarely available. GBS has its own engineering department to reverse engineer and calculate complete drives and gearboxes. In addition, if desired, we work in 24-hour shifts to carry out the work for you as quickly as possible.


Customer case

This food manufacturer was using a machine that the OEM had stopped producing parts. Ultimately, GBS helped this producer with a cost saving of 70%.

Curvic plate coupling

At GBS Machining Services we are ready to help you with your curvic plate coupling challenges. We are also able to take care of repair and assembly for you.

Hirth vertanding

Let an advisor with experience in gears assist you

With more than a decade of experience in gears and gear grinding, Wolter has everything it takes to think along with you in a service-oriented manner to find the best solution for your challenge.

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