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GBS is the specialist in the maintenance of mechanical offshore installations

GBS in the offshore


For years GBS has been the preferred partner for the offshore sector, active in the various branches within the offshore industry, including shipping, energy & drilling rigs.


GBS is a full-service provider of machining and engineering activities; from design to execution. In addition to the implementation of your project, we think along and challenge you when we think things can be done differently, better or faster.


GBS is brand independent and we have experience with almost all brands in terms of gearboxes, thrusters, compressors etc.



For shipping we specialize in everything that has to do with the propulsion of a ship.

You can think of the following components:

- Gearboxes (repair, overhaul & (dis) assembly)

- Reverse gear (repair, overhaul & (dis) assembly)

- Thrusters (repair, overhaul & (dis) assembly)

- Rudder heads (repair & overhaul)


Energy and oil rigs

We specialize in all rotating equipment for energy and drilling rigs.

Think of the following types of equipment:

- Gearboxes (repair, overhaul & (dis) assembly)

- Pumps (repair, overhaul & (dis) assembly)

- Compressors (repair, overhaul & (dis) assembly)




Service engineers

Our team of international service engineers is able to work on location worldwide with tools. Our engineers take care of the development and installation of your project and can also provide on-site machining services, such as laser cladding and boring work.



In our workshops located in Schiedam and Oud-Beijerland, we are able to repair or produce new parts that are in your equipment.


Having parts produced new by GBS is something that can save you a lot of time compared to the OEM. It can also happen that the OEM no longer produces the parts you need, that is where GBS comes into the picture.



With our engineering department, GBS can put existing parts on a drawing and manufacture new ones from the drawing. For example, we are able to produce gear wheels up to 4 meters in diameter and shafts up to 14 meters in length. You will find more about this on our page about machining .

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Let our Sales Engineer advise you

Please contact Simon Lems; with his practical experience in technology and his goal-oriented attitude, he is the right man for your project.

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