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Why GBS Machining Services for your racks?

By means of blueprints and several MAAG measurements we can test your teeth before you receive them from us.

GBS can assemble, disassemble and install racks on location if you wish.

GBS supplies racks up to 83% faster than OEMs.

GBS can advise you on the overhaul, engineering and finishing of racks.

In addition to racks, we can also produce your gears and pinions.

GBS produces teeth up to and including class 3.


Let a consultant with experience in gears assist you

With more than a decade of experience in gear production, Wolter has everything it takes to think along with you in a service-oriented manner to find the best solution for your challenge.

Rack and pinions at GBS Machining Services

GBS Machining services also produces rack and pinions in addition to gears. We can supply you with round rack and pinions, but also square rack and pinions. In all kinds of materials, such as steel and stainless steel (stainless steel). We go for a length of 4 meters. These rack and pinions are available in all conceivable material types and types of teeth, with the option of ground or hardened teeth.

In fact, you can think of rack and pinions as gears, but with a radius that doesn't stop. The rack and pinion can be used to engage a pinion with straight or bevel teeth in a rack and pinion and then make linear movements instead of rotating movements. The accuracy here depends entirely on the accuracy of the teeth.

Standard rack and pinions

A distinction is made between round rack and pinions and square rack and pinions.

For square rack and pinions, module is used to indicate the dimensions, and the material is also important. In principle, this can be made in almost any hard material, but at GBS Machining services we most often use standing and / or stainless steel. For round rack and pinions, we use a diameter to indicate the dimensions, and here too the module is important. When standard rack and pinions can be supplied up to a length of up to 4 meters. We do almost everything on request, and we can go with modules up to +/- 50.


Both round and square rack and pinions can be supplied in the following materials:

Steel rack and pinions

Stainless steel rack and pinions

Plastic rack and pinions

Steel galvanized rack and pinions

Steel nickel plated rack and pinions

Steel blackened rack and pinions

This is only part of the rack and pinions we manufacture. Please contact our specialists for more information about the types of materials we can machine for you.

Products associated with rack and pinions

With the skilled knowledge of our engineers, GBS Machining Services has already successfully tackled many projects. If you are in need, or just have a technical question about a rack and pinion, please do not hesitate to contact one of our advisers. We can always provide you with fast and professional advice that will help you. We are always ready to solve your rack and pinion and pinion challenges.

Often with gears a way of transferring forces from one to the other. This happens because the teeth of one gear mesh with the other. But with a rack and pinion, this is in principle a replacement for a normal gear.

With these drives it is quite normal for the rack and pinion to move in a longitudinal direction. The reason this exists is to change speeds and direction of the power source in, for example, a crane.

You will normally, and especially in the industry, of steel or stainless steel (SS), but these are of course the produce in any material type that is a bit hard. The only question is what is the best option for your machine, system or gearbox. This is often steel or stainless steel. In addition, a rack and pinion should normally be made of hardened, so that the inner material is tough, and the outer layer is very hard and therefore experiences little wear.

The rack and pinions and the shape of the teeth and the number of teeth affect the final product and how it works. This must be indicated very precisely and is therefore referred to as module. This is the ratio between the pitch circle diameter and the number of teeth on the rack and pinion.

Gears and rack and pinions where the module does not match, do not fit together properly and as a result you get wear very quickly on the one hand, and on the other hand the machine does not run properly. cannot interlock, so it is necessary that the gear and rack and pinion in a drive have the same module. The larger the rack and pinion module, the more forces it can transmit.

The properties of rack and pinions

A gear, conical or cylindrical, grabs grip with the rack and pinion. Because the teeth have been gripped, one can now exert force, the amount of which is determined by the module. The randomness of the position depends on the accuracy of the machining work. You can trust GBS Machining Services to machine the rack and pinion to class three accuracy. We mentioned earlier that the module is important for the forces that the teeth can bear. You can choose from a large number of types in which both pinion and rack and pinions are made of steel, stainless steel or plastic. The steel rack and pinions are almost always hardened to make the teeth last longer.

GBS Machining Services and Rack and pinion Manufacturing

GBS Machining Services machines all kinds of rack and pinions, and if necessary we can also retrofit your rack and pinion, which can be used in various machines and gearboxes. A rack and pinion and pinion is also called a rack and pinion. They are rectangular strips that have a side on which teeth are ground or milled. By using this for the gear wheel, you can create back and forth movements, instead of rotating movements. This is made possible by the use of a gear that grips into the teeth of the rack and pinion. Rack and pinions are popular parts in cranes and other machines where you want to cause straight movement.

Advantages of rack and pinions

Gear rack and pinions have a number of advantages over gears. Due to the rectangular shape it is easier to obtain high accuracy, and they can take a lot of load. If necessary and the module allows it, you can also achieve a very high speed by using rack and pinions. It is therefore not surprising that you see so many rack and pinions used in the industry.

Every rack and pinion made to measure

We can offer almost any rack and pinion, even if there is no drawing of it. We can simply reverse engineer these. The sprockets with or without hub, and the rack and pinions that we supply are produced as standard with a quality from class 12 to class 3. You can also choose the material you need. We can advise you on this, and that is not limited to the choice of materials. We can also provide advice on material treatments for your rack and pinions.

rack and pinions are available in the following sizes:

The rack and pinions we supply depend on your wishes of the highest quality you can wish for. The fact is that the rack and pinions are manufactured in such a way that the lengths are pushed against each other. We offer modules 1 to 50 as standard. If you are looking for a different type of module for your application, chances are that we can also provide you with this, both in gears and rack and pinions. Contact one of our specialists to be provided with advice without obligation.

GBS Machining Services; more than just a rack and pinion

GBS Machining Services is a specialist in the field of repair and machine work on all kinds of parts. We not only machine gear rack and pinions, but also products such as pinions, frames, engine blocks, thrusters and so on. Contact one of our experienced specialists for free advice about your project.

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