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Types of material treatment

The types of material treatments


Hardening is a common process that is used to harden a material through, making it more durable and stronger to increase the life of your product.


There are different blasting methods depending on the object and its function. Blasting can remove rust, roller, an old coat of paint, dirt and oil from the surface of a metal.


Applying a layer of lacquer to protect the metal against (synthetic) oils or other types of dirt and rust.


There are different types of nitriding processes for treating material. The common advantage of nitriding techniques is that only the surfaces exposed to wear are hard and brittle, the rest of the part retains its toughness, which is necessary for good impact resistance. The differences between the nitriding techniques are mainly the thickness of the layer (shell).


Anodizing is a process in which an oxide layer is applied to the surface of an object by means of an electrolytic treatment. This makes the surface hard, wear-resistant and porous and electrically insulating.


With electroplating, one applies a layer of metal to the surface of an object. This layer protects against rust and makes the object resistant of corrosion.


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